UCX 1.16
Unified Communication X
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UCP generic data type descriptor. More...

Data Fields

void *(* start_pack )(void *context, const void *buffer, size_t count)
 Start a packing request.
void *(* start_unpack )(void *context, void *buffer, size_t count)
 Start an unpacking request.
size_t(* packed_size )(void *state)
 Get the total size of packed data.
size_t(* pack )(void *state, size_t offset, void *dest, size_t max_length)
 Pack data.
ucs_status_t(* unpack )(void *state, size_t offset, const void *src, size_t length)
 Unpack data.
void(* finish )(void *state)
 Finish packing/unpacking.

Detailed Description

This structure provides a generic datatype descriptor that is used for definition of application defined datatypes.

Typically, the descriptor is used for an integration with datatype engines implemented within MPI and SHMEM implementations.

In case of partial receive, any amount of received data is acceptable which matches buffer size.

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