UCX 1.17
Unified Communication X
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Scope of the Document

This document describes the UCX programming interface. The programming interface exposes a high performance communication API, which provides basic building blocks for PGAS, Message Passing Interface (MPI), Big-Data, Analytics, File I/O, and storage library developers.


This manual is intended for programmers who want to develop parallel programming models like OpenSHMEM, MPI, UPC, Chapel, etc. The manual assumes that the reader is familiar with the following:

  • Basic concepts of two-sided, one-sided, atomic, and collective operations
  • C programming language

Document Status

This section briefly describes a list of open issues in the UCX specification.

  • UCP API - work in progress
  • UCT API - work in progress


UCX project follows open source development model and the software is licensed under BSD-3 license.